Sex positions

The best sex positions and how to enhance them

There are well over 100 sex positions and even more variations of each one of them. Below we list the most popular three and explain how the Little Deeper® sex cushion can make them much more comfortable and pleasurable, so you and your partner can enjoy the most fulfilling orgasms you’ve ever experienced.

Missionary position

missionary sex positionThis is a male-superior (male on top) sex position. The woman lies on her back and the partners face each other. Many couples enjoy the romantic qualities of the missionary position as it allows plentiful skin-to-skin and eye contact and opportunities to caress each other during lovemaking. The missionary position is also believed to be a good position for procreation.

The Little Deeper® cushion enhances the missionary position because it tilts and lifts up the woman’s hips, creating the ideal angle for penetration. Men will feel like they have gained inches and enjoy a deeper, more sensual penetration. Women will feel increased stimulation of all their erogenous zones, including the G-spot and the clitoris. Incredibly intense and multiple orgasms for both partners can be achieved with the Little Deeper® cushion and the missionary position.

Doggy-style position (doggie position)

doggy sex positionThe doggy-style position, also known as doggie position, is loved by most men and many women as well because the penetration is deep and the mobility is high. But often times a significant height difference between the two partners is causing penetration problems.

Many sex experts recommend using pillows to help account for the difference. However, regular pillows won’t do the job. Trying to fold, scrunch-up or otherwise maneuver and adjust a pillow into exactly the correct angle, especially in the heat of passion, can be awkward at best and even uncomfortable for both partners.

To solve this dilemma, the Little Deeper® cushion comes in handy because it equalizes a difference in body sizes. It’s a specially-made sex pillow that will stay in place no matter how wild the ride.

Oral sex positions

oral sex positionOral sex can be performed either by one or both partners in the same time. Many couples like taking turns because this allows the one receiving oral stimulation to fully enjoy it. The partner receiving oral sex may lie on the back or stomach. Either way, a cushion that lifts up the hips makes oral sex, no matter how it is performed, much more pleasurable for both partners. The genitals are easier to reach because the lower torso is lifted up, and the stimulation is much more intense.