Male erogenous zones

What areas on the body get him going?

hot guyWondering where your partner’s erogenous zones are located, the areas that really get him going? Read on to find out.

His lips

Most men enjoy kissing and find it stimulating. So the more you kiss, the better. Lips are one of the most sensitive areas on themale body and you can easily get your partner aroused. This is because many men know that “more” will follow and this triggers their mind to fantasize about what will come next.

His inner thighs

No matter if you kiss, lick, or gently massage this area, this is a sensitive spot for most men and touching a man here will add to the excitement of the moment.

sexy coupleHis chest

Many men enjoy it greatly if their partner gently massages their chest and especially the nipples. Gently kiss or nibble on them during foreplay to get him excited.

hot sexy coupleHis ears

Many nerve endings are located in the ear area. Gently massage his earlobes with your finger or gently kiss him here. Also explore the area behind his ears with your lips and tongue.

His glans head

The head of the penis is the most sensitive spot for most men. Gently massaging or kissing this area is very stimulating for a man and will likely have him want more.

His scrotum

The scrotum is a very sensitive area. It is the sack that holds the testicles. Only gently massage this area as applying too much pressure to the testicles causes most men a lot of pain. To get him excited, gently fondle his testicles in one hand or kiss or lick the scrotum.

His perineum

The perineum is located between his anus and the scrotum. It’s an area full of nerve endings and many men enjoy being massaged here, especially right before orgasm.

His anus

The anus also has many nerve endings surrounding it and it is very sensitive. With the proper stimulation of the anus a man enjoys increased pleasure.