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I was recently approached by the company “Little Deeper”  about demoing their product called the love cushion. What is interesting about the company is that they only sell one product. This is my first time ever using a sex pillow. I’ve known about the Liberator line of pillows for many years, but had never gotten around to buying one.

I’m a really visual person. Sex pillows have never really interested me because of their size. Funny that I don’t mind having thousands of dollars of sex toys showcased in my office, but I have an issue with the bulkiness of a sex pillow.

The company was nice enough to send me the cushion (which came with a nice black fitted case with a handle) for free.

The cushion comes with a removable red cover that you can take off for washing. The dimensions of the cushion are  23″ x 21″ x 7″. It’s shape is a little like an arch. One side is slanted and is much lower than the other. The other side is higher and there is a cut away that allows for easier penetration. As far as other sex pillows, it’s pretty small, but still large enough for me to have had a few reservations.

The first thing I realized is that the pillow is really dense. It is super supportive and your body doesn’t sink down very much. I decided to try if out the way I think a lot of people would–missionary style with my butt as close to the cut out as possible. I have to admit that when getting myself positioned I thought to myself the same thing I think when I am at the ob/gyn’s office, “…slide your tush as far down the table as possible.”

What I quickly found out is that the Little Deeper love cushion is well positioned for missionary style sex. Since my head was on the slant downwards, I got a nice little head rush. I also realized that it was a little too easy for me to be lazy. I barely had to move in order to achieve deep penetration. My partner was able to access parts of my vagina that allowed me to feel a broader array of sensations than when not using the pillow. For two people who are relatively out of shape, the Little Deeper love cushion worked really, really well. I’m pretty confident that the pillow will make a bunch of subsequent appearances as it does seem to be perfect for doggie style penetration.

I also think the Little Deeper love cushion is well suited for people who are differently abled or experience a lot of joint pain when engaging in penetrative activities.

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You don’t have to settle for orgasms that are short or weak. Even if you are someone who has trouble climaxing during intercourse or during any other sexual activity with a partner, there are techniques that you can add into your sex life that are guaranteed to change that. Plus, they are simple and inexpensive – and not to mention fun. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a stronger orgasm?

Sex toys are an excellent way to provide additional stimulation and pleasure during intercourse, oral or anal sex, and masturbation. They can be used to stimulate the G-spot, clitoris, anus, or penis, which along with the sensations of other sexual activities can result in a mind-blowing orgasm. These types of toys include vibrators, dildos, “C-rings,” strap-ons and massagers that stimulate these areas.

There are various lubricants that can provide additional pleasure as well. There are ones that provide warmth and stimulation and ones that can be used for erotic massage, along with flavored and other edible lubes that are great to use during oral sex. However, oil-based lubricants and ones containing sugar should not be used in the vaginal area, as this will hold in bacteria and increase the likelihood for infection. Oil-based lubes should not be used on condoms or on any other products containing latex, neither, as they will dissolve the material.

Sometimes orgasm issues simply are the result of being in an unfavorable position or because of penetration that is too shallow. To stop or prevent this problem, anatomically designed sex furniture, such as the Little Deeper® cushion, can help. This specially-made cushion tilts and lifts up the pelvis and keeps it in the perfect height and angle, so the partner doing the “work” doesn’t have to move all around to find the best spot and be forced to keep himself in a strenuous position. Because he is comfortable and his partner’s hips are lifted, he can also penetrate deeper without effort, increasing pleasure for both partners because all erogenous zones are being stimulated in the same time.

The “holding back” technique is a great way to get a stronger and longer-lasting orgasm. This is when someone brings him- or herself close to climax, but stops right before it actually happens. Doing this a few times will ensure that you will not have a short or weak orgasm.

Another mistake couples make is jumping straight to intercourse without any foreplay. This can be a problem as the woman may not be wet enough or the man may not be fully erect, so intercourse could be more of a challenge than something that should be enjoyable.

Foreplay, such as touching, fingering, or even oral sex, can be just as enjoyable as intercourse and is an excellent way for partners to warm up before sex. This way, once the couple is finished with foreplay and switch to intercourse, they are already turned on and are wanting more, so both the actual sex and the climax will be as enjoyable and satisfying as possible.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, the following steps should be done first: purchase an ovulation kit and avoid alcohol and caffeine. If you are having difficulties conceiving, it does not automatically mean that you have to turn to expensive procedures to get pregnant. It may simply mean that you and your partner’s positioning is not exactly how it should be or that penetration is too shallow.

The Little Deeper® cushion is a less expensive and natural solution that can improve your chances of getting pregnant. It is anatomically designed to fit any body’s shape and size and works by tilting and lifting up the women’s pelvis to ensure an easier and more comfortable penetration at the ideal depth and angle.

The following guidelines may increase your chances of getting pregnant:

  • The missionary position (where the man is on top and both partners face each other) is the best position for couples who are trying to conceive because it deposits the sperm closest to the cervix. The Little Deeper® greatly enhances this position further by tilting and lifting up the woman’s hips while in the same time providing comfort for both partners. It takes the stress out of lovemaking and trying to make it right and makes it easier for the couple to hold this position for as long as they wish.
  • To help the sperm reach its intended destination, it is recommended that women keep their pelvis lifted up for approximately 15- 30 minutes. The Little Deeper® comfortably supports this position.
  • Having sex three times a week is recommended to increase the chances of a pregnancy, as women do not always ovulate when they think they are. This will ensure that couples are not unknowingly skipping sex during an ovulation period.
  • Enjoyable sex is another key to getting pregnant. Sometimes when couples are trying to conceive, they see having sex as more of a job than as an enjoyable and pleasurable activity. Spice up the whole experience by doing something pleasurable before sexual intercourse, such as erotic foreplay. This also helps women to get lubricated and men to penetrate easier. Stronger orgasms for men may also increase sperm count. A woman’s pleasure during sex is important as well as the spasms that occur when a woman orgasms help to suck the sperm into the uterus.
  • Also keep in mind that to get pregnant, couples should have sex before ovulation, not after. During ovulation, a woman’s egg will survive for about 24 hours, but the man’s sperm can survive for up to five days. Because of this, having sex two or three days before ovulation will increase the chances of conception.

The Little Deeper® cushion, when used by couples to get pregnant, can greatly increase the chances of success, as well as make the experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.

The last few decades have seen a proliferation of love furniture on the market as they are fast becoming a trend rather than merely an option. Love furniture is also called sex furniture or erotic furniture. The term generally refers to any form of furniture used to aid or enhance sexual pleasure.

Beds, couches, chairs, tables or other furniture used for this purpose qualify as love furniture. But while these types of furniture are not primarily used for erotic purposes (that is, they are intended for practical use), there is furniture designed solely for sexual enhancement.

The latter types offer a new approach to gratify one’s sex life by helping couples improve their lovemaking abilities, diversify sexual positions, achieve better or multiple orgasms and turn mere sex into an exciting experience.

Sex swings, for example, put couples into a variety of sex positions and lets them enjoy a more comfortable sexual experience by reducing limitations imposed by gravity and a difference in their body weight. Their harness-like design is intended to make one partner stationary and the other moving.

A fisting sling is a chair or bed that is suspended in the air. Typically made of black leather, these slings consist of straps to raise the bottom person’s legs in the air. Fisting slings are often used in BDSM activities.

The Little Deeper® is a unique and patented lovemaking cushion that was designed to tilt and lift up the hips to achieve the best angle for penetration. By doing that it stimulates all the erogenous zones and enhances sexual intercourse and makes it more pleasurable for both partners.


If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for months but without success, you are not alone. Around 2 to 3 in every 10 couples experience difficulties in conceiving a child. But don’t despair. By knowing some of the common reasons why women can’t get pregnant, you may be able to determine the source of (and solution to) your problem.


Infertility increases with age and happens sooner for women than for men. Each year after a woman’s 30th birthday her ability to conceive decreases. As women age, the frequency and quality of ovulation diminishes. Illnesses such as tubal infections and endometriosis are more common.

Lifestyle factors

Studies have shown that when either or both of the couple is overly stressed, the woman experiences difficulties to conceive. Stress may be physical or mental and often happens when one works too hard or experiences extreme emotions.

Limiting the consumption of alcohol can increase one’s chances of conceiving. Coffee should also be avoided. Medical studies have shown that caffeine affects the ability of egg cells to be implanted in the uterus.

Low sperm count

A low sperm count in males may be caused by a number of factors, including alcohol, heredity, diet, smoking and stress. Age is another factor. A man’s fertility is at its peak between the ages of 18 to 30. Heat can also lower sperm production, so wearing of tight clothes is not recommended.

To determine if your partner has a normal sperm count, you can use a home sperm count test kit. The normal sperm concentration is 20 million sperm cells per milliliter.

Hormonal problems

Certain hormonal conditions such as hyperactive thyroid and progesterone deficiencies may prevent a pregnancy.

Sexual position

The sex position that you choose can improve or lessen your chances of getting pregnant. The most recommended sex position to conceive is the missionary position because it allows the male to deposit closer to the cervix.

A recommended pregnancy aid is the Little Deeper® cushion, a unique and patented product that increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. The Little Deeper® cushion puts both the male and the female into the perfect sexual position to conceive. It tilts and lifts up the woman’s hips so the ideal angle for penetration is achieved. Also, most doctors suggest that women trying to conceive should remain in an elevated position for at least 30 minutes after the sperm is deposited to increase the chances of the sperm in reaching its destination. The Little Deeper® cushion comfortably supports this position.

Is your husband several inches taller than you? Are you experiencing back pains or muscle weaknesses during lovemaking? Trying to conceive? Or you’re simply looking for a more pleasurable and comfortable sexual intercourse with your partner? Look no further than Little Deeper®, a unique and patented lovemaking cushion that quite literally gives your sex life a lift.

A brainchild of Richard Moody of Honolulu, Hawaii, the Little Deeper® cushion was invented to provide a solution to the most common problem during intercourse – to find the best position for lovemaking. Before coming up with the design of his sophisticated love toy, Richard Moody did his research. He talked to sex therapists and dozens of couples. He found out that the position of the body during sexual intercourse and the weight and height differences between couples are the biggest hindrances to healthy and satisfying sexual intercourse.

To hold the body at the ideal angle, regular pillows just won’t do because they shift around and aren’t firm enough. Using CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing), Richard Moody created a sophisticated and anatomical lovemaking cushion that perfectly contours to all body shapes and sizes. It puts couples into the best positions for lovemaking.

This, in turn, does more than offset differences between couples or their physical limitations. It heightens the entire sexual experience by making intercourse more sensual and pleasurable for both men and women. Many couples who have used the Little Deeper® cushion report that they have an easier time to achieve an orgasm and that their orgasms are more intense and longer lasting.

The design of the Little Deeper® cushion is built around the science of sex and eroticism. Taken into account are the differences between the male and female sexual arousal cycle, the different erogenous zones of the body, how they are best stimulated and how the right angle can make all the difference between excellent and “so-so” sex. The Little Deeper® cushion makes sex-related frustrations between couples a thing of the past.

Also, this cushion is not just for the straight, the young and the able-bodied. It is an all-around creative solution to every couple’s need of enhancing their sex life. Lesbians, gays, seniors and people with physical disabilities will also greatly benefit by using the Little Deeper® cushion.

Made of a high-grade foam and a non-slip red velvet-like cover, Little Deeper® makes for an elegant love cushion. You can leave it on top of your bed or at any place in your bedroom; it always adds a vibrancy of color. Traveling to Hawaii or the Caribbean for a romantic getaway? Take your Little Deeper cushion with you. It’s light enough for transport and comes with a storage case that has a handle for an easy grip.

Approximately 25 out of every 100 couples experience difficulty in conceiving a child. This condition is called infertility and can be a result of either of two states: the difficulty of conceiving a child or the total inability to reproduce.

How some couples are able to reproduce without difficulties is a result of several factors:

  • Woman’s age: the older women get, the lower the quality and number of their eggs
  • Frequency of sexual intercourse during a woman’s fertile period should be at least 3 times a week. The more sex women have, the higher the chances of conception.
  • Absence of reproductive organ problems

Reproduction problems are caused by a variety of reasons. Approximately 20% of all infertility problems are caused by ovulatory failure, 15% by damages in the fallopian tube, 5% by endometriosis and 26% by problems in the male reproductive system. Yet, the cause of about 30% of these infertility problems is not known or cannot be explained.

Couples who want to have a family but have difficulties in conceiving a child should seek help. Pregnancy aids can be grouped into two types: natural and medical.

Some women resort to natural fertility aids to enhance their capability for procreation. Some of the natural remedies recommended are vitamin and mineral supplements, particularly folic acid, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, vitamin C, L-arginine and essential fatty acids. These vitamins and minerals help stimulate or regulate ovulation. Certain herbs like chaste tree berry have been found to improve hormonal imbalances in men and women, one of the leading causes of infertility.

Fertility drugs, however, are still the primary form of treatment for infertility. Fertility drugs may be taken orally or via injection. These drugs stimulate the release of hormones to trigger ovulation. There are dozens of infertility treatments on the market, but some of the most common ones include clomiphene citrate and injectable hormones.

However, fertility drugs are expensive and can have several side effects, including insomnia, blurred vision, irritability, or worse, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

An alternative to pills is a new and unique product that encourages fertility without the need for any medications or vitamins and no side effects to worry about. The Little Deeper® cushion is a patented, specially designed pillow, which tilts and lifts up the hips to achieve the best angle for penetration. It allows men to get deeper and deposit closer to the cervix.

Most doctors recommend that women trying to conceive should remain in an elevated position for at least 30 minutes after the sperm is deposited to increase the chances of the sperm in reaching its destination. The Little Deeper® cushion comfortably supports this position. In other words, it applies the natural law of gravity while in the same time increasing comfort for both partners during sexual intercourse.

Couples who are trying to conceive should try the Little Deeper® cushion first before turning to artificial interventions or medications.