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I was recently approached by the company “Little Deeper”  about demoing their product called the love cushion. What is interesting about the company is that they only sell one product. This is my first time ever using a sex pillow. I’ve known about the Liberator line of pillows for many years, but had never gotten around to buying one.

I’m a really visual person. Sex pillows have never really interested me because of their size. Funny that I don’t mind having thousands of dollars of sex toys showcased in my office, but I have an issue with the bulkiness of a sex pillow.

The company was nice enough to send me the cushion (which came with a nice black fitted case with a handle) for free.

The cushion comes with a removable red cover that you can take off for washing. The dimensions of the cushion are  23″ x 21″ x 7″. It’s shape is a little like an arch. One side is slanted and is much lower than the other. The other side is higher and there is a cut away that allows for easier penetration. As far as other sex pillows, it’s pretty small, but still large enough for me to have had a few reservations.

The first thing I realized is that the pillow is really dense. It is super supportive and your body doesn’t sink down very much. I decided to try if out the way I think a lot of people would–missionary style with my butt as close to the cut out as possible. I have to admit that when getting myself positioned I thought to myself the same thing I think when I am at the ob/gyn’s office, “…slide your tush as far down the table as possible.”

What I quickly found out is that the Little Deeper love cushion is well positioned for missionary style sex. Since my head was on the slant downwards, I got a nice little head rush. I also realized that it was a little too easy for me to be lazy. I barely had to move in order to achieve deep penetration. My partner was able to access parts of my vagina that allowed me to feel a broader array of sensations than when not using the pillow. For two people who are relatively out of shape, the Little Deeper love cushion worked really, really well. I’m pretty confident that the pillow will make a bunch of subsequent appearances as it does seem to be perfect for doggie style penetration.

I also think the Little Deeper love cushion is well suited for people who are differently abled or experience a lot of joint pain when engaging in penetrative activities.

Catherine R. Toyooka
Catherine Coaches
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You don’t have to settle for orgasms that are short or weak. Even if you are someone who has trouble climaxing during intercourse or during any other sexual activity with a partner, there are techniques that you can add into your sex life that are guaranteed to change that. Plus, they are simple and inexpensive – and not to mention fun. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a stronger orgasm?

Sex toys are an excellent way to provide additional stimulation and pleasure during intercourse, oral or anal sex, and masturbation. They can be used to stimulate the G-spot, clitoris, anus, or penis, which along with the sensations of other sexual activities can result in a mind-blowing orgasm. These types of toys include vibrators, dildos, “C-rings,” strap-ons and massagers that stimulate these areas.

There are various lubricants that can provide additional pleasure as well. There are ones that provide warmth and stimulation and ones that can be used for erotic massage, along with flavored and other edible lubes that are great to use during oral sex. However, oil-based lubricants and ones containing sugar should not be used in the vaginal area, as this will hold in bacteria and increase the likelihood for infection. Oil-based lubes should not be used on condoms or on any other products containing latex, neither, as they will dissolve the material.

Sometimes orgasm issues simply are the result of being in an unfavorable position or because of penetration that is too shallow. To stop or prevent this problem, anatomically designed sex furniture, such as the Little Deeper® cushion, can help. This specially-made cushion tilts and lifts up the pelvis and keeps it in the perfect height and angle, so the partner doing the “work” doesn’t have to move all around to find the best spot and be forced to keep himself in a strenuous position. Because he is comfortable and his partner’s hips are lifted, he can also penetrate deeper without effort, increasing pleasure for both partners because all erogenous zones are being stimulated in the same time.

The “holding back” technique is a great way to get a stronger and longer-lasting orgasm. This is when someone brings him- or herself close to climax, but stops right before it actually happens. Doing this a few times will ensure that you will not have a short or weak orgasm.

Another mistake couples make is jumping straight to intercourse without any foreplay. This can be a problem as the woman may not be wet enough or the man may not be fully erect, so intercourse could be more of a challenge than something that should be enjoyable.

Foreplay, such as touching, fingering, or even oral sex, can be just as enjoyable as intercourse and is an excellent way for partners to warm up before sex. This way, once the couple is finished with foreplay and switch to intercourse, they are already turned on and are wanting more, so both the actual sex and the climax will be as enjoyable and satisfying as possible.

I was raised in a family of six children, and ever since I was a small child, I dreamed of having many children myself. When I was 20, I met the love of my life and we got married. Right after our marriage we planned our first child. We even got a stroller as a wedding gift!

We knew it could take a while before I got pregnant, so the first few months of trying went by without worries and concerns. But after a year our apprehension grew. What triggered even bigger concern was a joke that came from a friend of mine who said “Oh how come you are still not pregnant! I know how much you want a child. What are you waiting for?” In fact, that was the same friend who gave us the stroller. I told her that we had been trying ever since we got married and she advised me to see a doctor. Up to that moment I never thought that something might be wrong with me or my husband. But then it hit me that I have irregular menstrual cycles, so I thought that something might be wrong with me. I know there are many couples who suffer from infertility, but I just didn’t want to accept the thought that we would be infertile as well.

We scheduled a doctor’s appointment and went through a number of tests both for me and my husband. Nothing wrong was found with either one of us, besides my irregular menstruation, which I already knew about. Our doctor only gave me a prescription for a drug to control my menstrual cycles. Relieved by the thought that we are in good physical shape to conceive a child, we assumed that my irregular period might be the problem. So I started taking the prescription drugs that my doctor prescribed me regularly, hoping to get a positive result on my next pregnancy test.

Three months later I still had not conceived and besides that, the pills made me moody and often times dizzy. So I stopped taking them and decided to dig deeper into the problem to find out if there are other couples who have experienced the same. I researched on the Internet, and I was surprised to learn how many healthy women can’t conceive. I also found websites with tips for natural pregnancy aids. One of those sites was where I read about the Little Deeper cushion.

I showed the website to my husband and we decided to give it a try. After all, there was nothing to lose and the cushion was affordable.

After receiving the cushion we used it for about two months and I will never forget the morning when my pregnancy test finally read positive! At first, I could not believe it, so I tested again and again and every time it was positive! I immediately called my husband at work and he was so happy that he even started crying on the phone. Even now I get tears in my eyes when I think about that moment. I felt the happiest woman in the world and all thanks to the Little Deeper cushion. I cannot say THANK YOU enough!

Now I am the mother of a healthy baby boy and we plan for more!

Laura and Ben G.
Jacksonville, FL

Maybe it is the male nature, but my husband wants sex more frequently than I do – 4 to 5 times a week. And even though there were moments I did not feel like it, I had sex with him because I did not want him to feel ignored. We have been married for 3 years now and as a young family I did not want to give him a reason to think that I did not enjoy sex with him anymore. But what was a little too much for me was the routine in sex. We did not try anything new and every time the lovemaking process was pretty much the same, so after a while I did not enjoy it as much as I did in the beginning of our relationship. The thought of that made me concerned and I knew I could not continue hiding this for too long. I knew he would notice sooner or later.

So I talked to a consultant who suggested that I be the initiator of new ventures, rather than waiting for my husband to make the first step. My first thought was to buy a sex toy that I could surprise my husband with. So I considered getting a vibrator and some sexy clothing. I knew my husband would love that, but after thinking about that for a while I changed my mind because I thought that my husband would want to use it on me and once I have an orgasm he would want to penetrate me with his penis until he gets an orgasm. And since I did not think I would be able to take two orgasms right after each other I decided that getting a vibrator may not be such a good idea. That’s why I only got some sexy clothing.

I went on Amazon to find some sexy underwear and my eyes landed on a lady wearing a red bra with red panties. Then I checked out this product page and actually realized the seller did not sell underwear but a sex cushion, called Little Deeper. The idea of using a sex cushion sounded very interesting to me. I ordered the cushion as a birthday gift for my husband. I also purchased a red bra and pants to fit the cushion. My husband was really surprised by this gift and we used the cushion right away! I must say I felt the same way as if it was our first wedding night! The cushion intensified our sex life and it added so much more romance in it.

I purchased the cushion more than 6 months ago and until today we enjoy it as much as we did the first night. The Little Deeper cushion is a wonderful addition for every couple!

M. G.
Dallas, TX

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give your significant other this Valentine’s Day, look no further than the Little Deeper®. The Little Deeper® is a sex cushion that is anatomically designed to fit all body types and sizes. This device works by comfortably lifting and supporting the hips, placing them in the perfect position for intercourse. This makes performing various sex positions easier and more pleasurable, resulting in longer-lasting and more satisfying orgasms.

Both men’s and women’s most erogenous areas are stimulated when using the Little Deeper®. Because the woman’s hips are lifted and tilted at the ideal angle for intercourse, the man can penetrate her more easily and deeply, while at the same time the woman can enjoy just as much pleasure, since her G-spot is also being stimulated. In effect, more intense, longer-lasting, and even multiple orgasms can be experienced by both partners. This sex cushion makes both vaginal and anal penetration, as well as oral sex, easier, more comfortable, and sensual to perform.

The Little Deeper® enhances and makes sex more comfortable for couples of all ages. Now intimacy is no longer boring, as couples can perform a variety of positions much more easily while experiencing greater pleasure at the same time.

There is no better present to give your partner this Valentine’s Day than the Little Deeper®. With this sex cushion, couples can enjoy more comfortable, sensual, and exciting lovemaking, along with amazing orgasms. At the same time intimacy is improved, your relationship with your partner may also grow closer, as the Little Deeper® will allow you to enjoy that time alone together more and is sure to make you want to do it more often as well.

Whether couples want to find a way to have sex more often, take away the monotony by trying new things, or simply want to enhance pleasure (or all three), the Little Deeper sex cushion may be the perfect solution. The Little Deeper is a cushion-like device that is anatomically designed to comfortably lift and support the hips of all body types. By doing this, easier and deeper penetration is possible, plus it enhances and provides comfort for a variety of other sex positions as well. As a result, increased pleasure and longer-lasting and more satisfying orgasms are ensured for both partners.

One woman experienced the success of the Little Deeper first hand, and not only did it revive her sex life, but it saved her marriage as well:

My name is Anna. I own a successful business. My husband works as a lawyer, and we have beautiful eight-year-old twin girls. However, despite our financial success and family, my marriage was falling apart after eleven years because of one issue – sex. In the beginning, my husband and I would make love at least three times a week, but as our marriage progressed and after we had the twins, our sex life declined to the point where we were lucky if we made love twice in a month.

However, even when we did have sex, it was more stressful than pleasurable. I would have a difficult time reaching climax and even when I did, it would only last for about a few seconds and did not feel as gratifying as it had once been. My husband also stopped enjoying sex and would either ejaculate too quickly or not at all.

I was sure we wouldn’t be able to claim back our sex life, and we both became very unsatisfied and unhappy with our marriage. As a result, we would argue a lot, and we would blame the other for why we rarely had sex and why it wasn’t enjoyable when we did. He would tell me it was because I took too long to orgasm, while I would tell him that he was too hasty when we had sex because he would orgasm before I had the chance to experience any pleasure. I felt as if he just wanted to get the sex over with, though we both had stopped enjoying making love at that point, as it felt more like a chore than anything.

Not only did the sex leave our relationship, but our love for each other faded as well. I was sure our marriage wouldn’t survive, and we both actually planned on filing for divorce. However, as a last shred of hope I decided to post our troubles on an online marriage support group. A man replied to my post, saying that he and his wife had also stopped having sex and were struggling to keep their marriage alive, but then they found information about a sex cushion called the Little Deeper. They tried it and from the very first day, he said that they hadn’t had sex that was so passionate and enjoyable since they were first married.

I told my husband about this device, and we both agreed to give it a shot. We bought it and tried it out as soon as it arrived at our house. Both of us were amazed at what it did for us. It not only made sex more comfortable for me by providing comfort and support, but it made deep penetration easier for my husband as well, so both of us were able to experience enhanced pleasure  and amazing orgasms. Now I do not have any more problems reaching climax, and my husband can now hold off ejaculation so we both get the chance to feel pleasure and have longer and more gratifying orgasms. Plus, the Little Deeper enhances oral sex for us as well, so bedtime is definitely no longer boring for us. We are also happy together and completely in love with each other once again. Because of this, we no longer have any more major arguments, which our daughters are happy about as well. I owe my newfound sex life – and my marriage – to the Little Deeper cushion.

People who have been married for 50+ years are not simply lucky. Just as with any other couple, they have been through obstacles in their relationship and marriage and had to work out solutions to their problems. The difference between those who have been together for so long and those who can barely stay in a relationship are that successful relationships follow certain guidelines to keep their relationship going strong. Sure, they have fought with each other just as any couple has (there is no such thing as a PERFECT relationship, after all), but by following these rules, the usual bickering can be resolved quickly without causing the relationship to crumble apart:


Communicating with each other is key to a happy and long-lasting relationship. If couples don’t communicate effectively with each other, it can lead to misunderstandings and partners jumping to conclusions. One may have misunderstood what the other person was saying, but one doesn’t ask about it, one will never know that it had really been a misunderstanding. This can lead to one partner feeling resentment toward the other, and simply holding it in is only going to make the problem worse. Eventually, it has to come out in some form, which will lead to even more anger and other unhealthy emotions and result in a bigger fight.

As soon as one partner feels hurt or angry over something the other said or did, he or she needs to bring it up and talk about it with the other, which can rule out misunderstandings and lead to a much greater chance of finding a successful and healthy resolution to the issue. However, yelling about it and cursing at the other person is not the way to go.

Instead, in as calm of a tone as possible, bring it up to other person and state what he or she said and how it made you feel. Give your partner room to express his or her feelings as well.

Know and admit when you are wrong

Sometimes you realize that you shouldn’t have said or done something, but pride may get in the way of you apologizing to your partner. However, in order to end an argument quicker and make your relationship work, you have to push your pride aside and say to your partner: “What I said or did was wrong and I am sorry.”

Be wise with your money

Financial problems can lead to the most fights in a relationship and it is one of the top causes of divorces. To keep the relationship going, both partners need to spend their money with caution. You can treat yourself every now and then, though you may have to hold this off for a little while if money is tight. Sometimes you may only be able to spend money on what you and your partner need, though occasionally treating each other to ice cream or giving the other a surprise gift of roses definitely doesn’t hurt a relationship.

Make time for just the two of you

If you always have kids or the in-laws around, it can be quite difficult to bond and have fun with just your partner. If you never have some “quality” time with your partner, the two of you may grow further and further apart as your minds are focused on other things, which can even cause you to almost forget the other’s existence.

It is very important to share time alone and have some fun with your partner or your relationship is bound to fail. Cuddle together in the living room while watching a movie, sit around the fireplace, play a board game, go for a walk together, or spend the day, night, or weekend at the beach (or completely get away – rent a cabin in the wilderness or a hotel room in a city).

To make the most of your time alone with each other, it can also be good to “spice” things up every now and then. Since a good sex life also usually equals a healthy relationship, adding something that can enhance those intimate moments even more can be very beneficial. Try something such as the Little Deeper® sex cushion, which can make intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable by adding both support and comfort. It was designed to put both partners into the most ideal position for lovemaking and is also great for people with disabilities, those who suffer from back and other muscle or joint pains and basically for anyone who wants to increase the pleasure of intimacy and improve their love lives.

A good sex life can also equal a good and successful relationship with your partner, but sometimes certain conditions and issues may hinder sexual desire. Both men and women can suffer from problems that get in the way of them enjoying sex, which also can cause relationship issues and even result in couples splitting up or divorcing. This is why it is important to diagnose the problem and try to resolve it as early as possible. In certain medical cases, it may also be important to receive appropriate treatment.

Listed are some common sex problems that men and women can experience:

Erectile dysfunction (or ED) affects a man’s ability to obtain or sustain an erection. It may be difficult for him to obtain an erection before sex, or even if he does manage to get an erection he may not be able to keep it long enough for intercourse or have problems with ejaculation. He may not be able to ejaculate at all or ejaculate too early (also known as premature ejaculation).

Painful intercourse, or dyspareunia, as it is known in the medical world, can affect a woman for various reasons. She may have a lack of vaginal lubrication, have a yeast, urinary tract, or sexually transmitted infection, cystitis, inflammation in a particular area of the vagina, or even chronic constipation, all of which can make intercourse much more painful than enjoyable.

Another problem that can lead to painful intercourse, known as vaginismus, causes the vaginal muscles to spasm involuntarily. In some cases, it can be so severe that the vagina can seal itself shut, which can make performing intercourse impossible or at least extremely painful and can inflict harm to the woman.
Low libido is another major cause of sexual problems. Though this is most often associated with pre- or post-menopausal women, younger women and men can experience this, too. Besides menopause, other causes of low libido include thyroid disorders, chronic stress, diabetes, heart disease and prostate problems, which can decrease blood flow to the penis, and mental health disorders such as depression, along with certain anti-depressants, oral contraceptives, stimulants, narcotics, nicotine and alcohol.

Pain located in the penis can be the result of a number of things, including pimples, insect bites, prostate inflammation, a sexually transmitted infection that can cause painful sores or lesions, sickle cell anemia, which can sometimes cause pain in the penis, and a condition known as Peryronies Disease, which results in an abnormal bend of the penis that can make intercourse painful. Cancer of the penis is also a possibility, so make sure to see a doctor if you have considerable discomfort or the pain doesn’t subside after a few days.

If your sexual problems do not involve severe discomfort, pain, or are the result of a serious medical condition (in which case you should see a doctor), you can try other methods to increase pleasure and stimulation. Foreplay, which can include fingering, sex toys and use of lubricants, is a great way to increase sexual desire before intercourse and may solve some lubrication problems in women.

The Little Deeper sex cushion can also solve some orgasm issues, penetration difficulties and uncomfortable positioning during intercourse. It was specially designed to tilt and lift up the hips and hold them in the most comfortable position for intercourse, so you never have to worry about being uncomfortable or having to strain your back or neck during intercourse or other sexual activities. Because the cushion puts both partners into the perfect position for lovemaking, many more erogenouz zones are being stimulated which couldn’t be reached before, resulting in longer-lasting and more pleasurable orgasms for both men and women.

Sex in itself feels good, but it can get pretty monotonous after repeating the same position and routine day after day. If you are tired of doing the same thing and want to make your sex life more pleasurable and fun, you and your partner can try out these suggestions, which will also help to “refresh” your relationship and take it to a deeper level:

Try out new positions. This may seem obvious, but some couples will have sex in the same position every day (or at least every time they have sex). This is ok at first, but after weeks, months or even years of doing the same thing over and over again, it can get boring and will probably not be as pleasurable of an experience as it was in the beginning. To avoid this, try out new positions once in a while, especially positions that allow the man to penetrate deeply without too much effort and provide him visual stimulation and positions that hit the woman’s G-spot. These include the doggy-style position, woman-on-top position, your highness position (woman’s feet on man’s shoulders while man is sitting or standing) and the reverse cowgirl position (woman on top with her back facing her partner), though of course there are many, many more you can try out as well.

Make it into a game. Whether it is playing strip poker, role-playing (where couples pretend they are something or someone they are not, such as doctor-patient, teacher-student, and so on), or dressing up (where partners can dress up in something sexy, such as a corset, a Speedo, or simply sexy lingerie), turning sex into some sort of game will make your sex life both more fun and pleasurable.

Do it in different places. Having sex in places other than the bedroom can prevent couples from repeating the same routine day after day. Sometimes doing it in places that may feel not so private (though not too public, either) makes having sex feel even hotter. You can try places such as the kitchen or living room, a friend’s house (when they are not home, of course), or in the car after driving to a secluded area.

Use toys. Using sex toys and lubricants that provide pleasurable sensations is another excellent way to take the monotony out of your sex life. For support and comfort, while at the same time providing better sensations during sex, you can get the Little Deeper® sex wedge. This anatomically-designed cushion tilts and lifts up the pelvis into the perfect position for lovemaking, so couples don’t have to squirm around to find the position that feels best and most comfortable, plus it will allow for easier and deeper penetration, increasing pleasure for both partners.

You don’t have to do the same thing every time you and your partner have sex, and you definitely don’t have to be shy about trying something new. Adding something to your routine or changing the place will increase the enjoyment and pleasure you get out of sex, which helps prevent either partner from getting bored, which is important, since a good sex life can also mean a happier and more fulfilling relationship.

So go ahead and introduce something new to your usual routine. You will learn more about what works and feels best for you and your partner, plus both of you will have a lot of fun experimenting with different techniques and positions.

Oral sex should be enjoyable, both for the person giving and the one receiving. However, sometimes it may not feel so comfortable and even be slightly painful for the person giving it, or it may not be as pleasurable as it could be for the one receiving it. If you do not exactly appreciate the taste of oral sex, the position you have to put yourself in is uncomfortable or even painful, or you find yourself struggling to give your partner an orgasm when performing oral sex on him or her, trying some of the following tips will very likely make oral sex feel more pleasurable and comfortable – for both the giver and receiver.

Flavored lubricants will obviously help with the taste factor, but you also have to know which lubricants are best and safest to use when performing oral sex. Lubricants that provide stimulation or are silicone-based are fine to use during intercourse or for giving hand jobs, but they are not safe to ingest so they shouldn’t be used during oral sex.

Water-based and oil-based lubricants are safe to use when performing oral sex. Oil-based lubes, though, are more difficult to wash off afterward and should not be used on most sex toys or with condoms, along with any other products containing latex. Lubricants containing oil can also hold in bacteria inside the vagina, so using them in this area is not recommended and can increase the chances of infection (lubes that contain sugar can also cause this).

Flavored lubes that are water-based are the safest, as they do not have these risks and can be used with any object. There are also edible massage lubricants that you can use or lubes that can be used on the nipples while giving women oral sex (though many men enjoy having their nipples stimulated, too).

Sex toys, such as vibrators and dildos designed to hit a woman’s G-spot, are another great way to provide added sensation during oral sex. You can also use your fingers to stimulate the G-spot, or you can insert one or a few fingers into the anus at the same time, since anal stimulation can provide pleasure, too.

Also, you can gently stroke the area between the genitals and anus, known as the perineum. This is a very sensitive area for both men and women, so when stimulated it will provide added pleasure.

To allow the person who is giving oral sex to be in a more comfortable position, you can get the Little Deeper® sex cushion. This device lifts up the pelvis, so the giver does not have to lie or bend all the way down to the bed’s level (or wherever it is being performed), which can add quite a bit of strain on the neck and/or back. Because the person giving oral sex is in a more comfortable position, he or she will most likely be able to perform better, too. As a result, the one receiving oral sex will be able to experience more pleasure as well.

Knowing about these tips and adding them into your sex life will make oral sex a more enjoyable, satisfying and comfortable experience. So get out the lube, toys, and cushion and have fun!