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Common reasons why women can’t get pregnant – pregnancy aid


If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for months but without success, you are not alone. Around 2 to 3 in every 10 couples experience difficulties in conceiving a child. But don’t despair. By knowing some of the common reasons why women can’t get pregnant, you may be able to determine the source of (and solution to) your problem.


Infertility increases with age and happens sooner for women than for men. Each year after a woman’s 30th birthday her ability to conceive decreases. As women age, the frequency and quality of ovulation diminishes. Illnesses such as tubal infections and endometriosis are more common.

Lifestyle factors

Studies have shown that when either or both of the couple is overly stressed, the woman experiences difficulties to conceive. Stress may be physical or mental and often happens when one works too hard or experiences extreme emotions.

Limiting the consumption of alcohol can increase one’s chances of conceiving. Coffee should also be avoided. Medical studies have shown that caffeine affects the ability of egg cells to be implanted in the uterus.

Low sperm count

A low sperm count in males may be caused by a number of factors, including alcohol, heredity, diet, smoking and stress. Age is another factor. A man’s fertility is at its peak between the ages of 18 to 30. Heat can also lower sperm production, so wearing of tight clothes is not recommended.

To determine if your partner has a normal sperm count, you can use a home sperm count test kit. The normal sperm concentration is 20 million sperm cells per milliliter.

Hormonal problems

Certain hormonal conditions such as hyperactive thyroid and progesterone deficiencies may prevent a pregnancy.

Sexual position

The sex position that you choose can improve or lessen your chances of getting pregnant. The most recommended sex position to conceive is the missionary position because it allows the male to deposit closer to the cervix.

A recommended pregnancy aid is the Little Deeper® cushion, a unique and patented product that increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. The Little Deeper® cushion puts both the male and the female into the perfect sexual position to conceive. It tilts and lifts up the woman’s hips so the ideal angle for penetration is achieved. Also, most doctors suggest that women trying to conceive should remain in an elevated position for at least 30 minutes after the sperm is deposited to increase the chances of the sperm in reaching its destination. The Little Deeper® cushion comfortably supports this position.

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