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Ken & Denise Denise: “This is our first posting of the new year and we have a wonderful product to tell you about. The Little Deeper is a practical, easy to use and easy to store cushion that makes partnered sex more fun and less strenuous.” Ken: “In other words, the Little Deeper is sex furniture. We’ve reviewed a couple of other such products in the past; you can find those reviews HERE! In fact, Denise and I had the dubious honor of reviewing one of them. And all I can say is, that product was horrible.” Denise: “Yeah, I remember how frustrated... Read more!!

I was recently approached by the company “Little Deeper”  about demoing their product called the love cushion. What is interesting about the company is that they only sell one product. This is my first time ever using a sex pillow. I’ve known about the Liberator line of pillows for many years, but had never gotten around to buying one. I’m a really visual person. Sex pillows have never really interested me because of their size. Funny that I don’t mind having thousands of dollars of sex toys showcased in my office, but I have... Read more!!

Simple techniques for a better orgasm

You don’t have to settle for orgasms that are short or weak. Even if you are someone who has trouble climaxing during intercourse or during any other sexual activity with a partner, there are techniques that you can add into your sex life that are guaranteed to change that. Plus, they are simple and inexpensive – and not to mention fun. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a stronger orgasm? Sex toys are an excellent way to provide additional stimulation and pleasure during intercourse, oral or anal sex, and masturbation. They can be used to stimulate... Read more!!

Overall, this unique cushion improves and creates a healthy intimate experience between partners. Once you have used it, you will not want to be without it.  The Little Deeper® cushion provides that little extra height and comfortable support to maximize pleasure. It helps achieve that perfect angle for lovemaking. Trying new things is half the fun and it keeps the relationship healthy!  Read “Dr. Richard Wagner’s Jan. 2012 review of the cushion”!  ” The Little Deeper is a practical, easy to use and easy to store cushion that makes... Read more!!

I was raised in a family of six children, and ever since I was a small child, I dreamed of having many children myself. When I was 20, I met the love of my life and we got married. Right after our marriage we planned our first child. We even got a stroller as a wedding gift! We knew it could take a while before I got pregnant, so the first few months of trying went by without worries and concerns. But after a year our apprehension grew. What triggered even bigger concern was a joke that came from a friend of mine who said “Oh how come you are still not... Read more!!

Maybe it is the male nature, but my husband wants sex more frequently than I do – 4 to 5 times a week. And even though there were moments I did not feel like it, I had sex with him because I did not want him to feel ignored. We have been married for 3 years now and as a young family I did not want to give him a reason to think that I did not enjoy sex with him anymore. But what was a little too much for me was the routine in sex. We did not try anything new and every time the lovemaking process was pretty much the same, so after a while I did not enjoy... Read more!!

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give your significant other this Valentine’s Day, look no further than the Little Deeper®. The Little Deeper® is a sex cushion that is anatomically designed to fit all body types and sizes. This device works by comfortably lifting and supporting the hips, placing them in the perfect position for intercourse. This makes performing various sex positions easier and more pleasurable, resulting in longer-lasting and more satisfying orgasms. Both men’s and women’s most erogenous areas are stimulated when using... Read more!!

Sex Furniture – Enhancing Sex and Improving Relationships with the Little Deeper

Whether couples want to find a way to have sex more often, take away the monotony by trying new things, or simply want to enhance pleasure (or all three), the Little Deeper sex cushion may be the perfect solution. The Little Deeper is a cushion-like device that is anatomically designed to comfortably lift and support the hips of all body types. By doing this, easier and deeper penetration is possible, plus it enhances and provides comfort for a variety of other sex positions as well. As a result, increased pleasure and longer-lasting and more satisfying orgasms... Read more!!

Secrets to a successful and long-lasting relationship with Little Deeper sex cushion

People who have been married for 50+ years are not simply lucky. Just as with any other couple, they have been through obstacles in their relationship and marriage and had to work out solutions to their problems. The difference between those who have been together for so long and those who can barely stay in a relationship are that successful relationships follow certain guidelines to keep their relationship going strong. Sure, they have fought with each other just as any couple has (there is no such thing as a PERFECT relationship, after all), but by following... Read more!!

Sex problems among men and women

A good sex life can also equal a good and successful relationship with your partner, but sometimes certain conditions and issues may hinder sexual desire. Both men and women can suffer from problems that get in the way of them enjoying sex, which also can cause relationship issues and even result in couples splitting up or divorcing. This is why it is important to diagnose the problem and try to resolve it as early as possible. In certain medical cases, it may also be important to receive appropriate treatment. Listed are some common sex problems that... Read more!!