Harder, better, faster…deeper? Yep, with the Little Deeper Cushion®

with the little deeper cushionThere’s a certain degree of self-deprecating humor in infomercials that you have to appreciate. If someone from a country far removed from the U.S. were to judge us solely by the infomercials we show, they’d be sure to dub us the dumbest country in the history of the world. You always see someone fumbling with the simplest tasks—cutting vegetables, vacuuming the floor, having sex - that their view - wait what?

Having sex? Oh, you haven’t seen that infomercial yet? Well it’s not on air, and it needs to be. Just picture a couple, fumbling awkwardly to stuff a pillow under the woman’s hips, the scene in black and white to accentuate the true severity of how much effort shouldn’t go into sex. Cue the Technicolor and a happier, prettier couple, holding aloft their Little Deeper cushion.

So maybe the network censors would have a problem or two with a tastefully-done nude commercial about making sex better - but hey, why not?

Television is where most of us get our information anyway, and you would learn a lot by seeing the innocuous-looking red cushion in action.

Designed to elevate the hips, the Little Deeper cushion is meant to help couples enjoy sex more, with half the effort. No, that’s not to say your customers don’t have to try anymore—just see how well that recommendation would go over with some partners—but it means that now that effort can be redirected towards making the entire sexual experience more enjoyable and long-lasting.

model with the cushionRichard Moody, creator of the Little Deeper cushion, did his research before putting his brainchild on the shelves. After having talked extensively to sex therapists, as well as numerous couples, he found that one of the simplest problems that couples experience during sex came from height and weight disparity. Made of high-density urethane foam, the Little Deeper cushion supports hundreds of pounds of weight and comes with an easily removable, washable cover.

This will be an easy sell for couples who are looking to improve their sex life without the aid of gadgets and vibrators. Your female buyers, as well as gay couples, needn’t worry about making their men feel inadequate with a simple cushion, as they might with a vibrator.

For more information, contact Richard Moody at (803) 342-9192.