Little DeeperŪ sex cushion benefits

What the Little Deeper® cushion will do for you:

better sexThe Little Deeper® sex cushion, with its unique, patented shape, was designed to give lovers the most comfortable and enjoyable intimacy possible. The greatest benefit comes when the entire genital areas constantly comes in contact adding continuous stimulation to both partners. It puts lovers into secure and comfortable intimate positions. Never reach for a bed pillow again!

The Little Deeper® cushion doesn’t require batteries. It’s very easy to use – with incredible results. It communicates a loving message when placed on the bed alone, to be discovered, by your lover. Experimentation is half the fun.



How the cushion works:multiple orgasms

  • Improves the angle and depth
  • Equalizes body sizes – the average 40 to 50 pound weight difference between lovers can now be neutralized for a better anatomical fit
  • Allows him to use all of what he has for a deeper and more sensual experience
  • Women feel more fulfilled than ever before and enjoy increased stimulation
  • Reduces stress and provides firm support of back and hips
  • Leaves your hands free to explore and stimulate your partner
  • on her back Helps you maintain greater stamina for prolonged lovemaking
  • Improves comfort while providing a full voyeuristic view of the moment
  • Excellent accessory for a variety of positions
  • Firm cushion that supports 100s of pounds in motion
  • Puts the fun back into the best positions for lovemaking

Who will benefit from this cushion:

  • Couples who want to enhance their lovemaking and increase comfort and pleasure
  • Couples where one partner is smaller or heavier than the other
  • Women who are trying to conceive