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It’s contemporary and stylish! This new anatomically designed cushion will surely become the most desirable accessory in the house! 
Celebrating our 10th year of bringing lovers closer together!

A great invention! My partner and I have tried many other products in the past. But this cushion does wonders.

Falling in love all over again is the moment that suddenly arrived when we introduced this cushion into our bedroom.

I love it! This cushion makes wonders. I'm very happy I have it. I have tried other similar products, but this cushion beats them all!

I don't know which I enjoy more, the more intimate and longer-lasting lovemaking or exploring new ways to use our Little Deeper cushion!

I am so impressed by this cushion. I could have never imagined that something as small as a sex cushion could spice up your sex life that much!


The Little Deeper® cushion is a creative way to enhance lovemaking. It is anatomically designed to fit, no matter what body you were born with or what size you are. This cushion lifts the hips, optimizes the angle and allows his knees to assume a more comfortable position for the closest experience possible. Couples who use the Little Deeper® cushion enjoy more pleasure and intense intimacy.

Reviewed by Catherine R. Toyooka of Catherine Coaches (sex therapist)

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